At Rigas Hotel Skopelos we recognize the great importance of the environment. Our aim is sustainable tourism development, which will ensure a better tomorrow for us and our children. Our Green Key award certifies our commitment to a framework of targeted Green Policy initiatives, which cover all of our hotel activities. We set specific environmental goals and form an action plan for the continuous improvement of our practices.

Green Key Certification


We are very proud that Rigas Hotel Skopelos is Green Key certified. The Green Key is an international award and quality mark for the provision of eco-friendly hospitality services. The award certifies that the hotel operates in an ecologically responsible way and complies with specific environmental criteria.

The Green Key certificate was created by the Foundation for Environmental Education, known as FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), an international non-governmental organization with the mission of environmental education around the world.

Our Green Policy


The green policy of Rigas Hotel Skopelos is part of our general philosophy of operating in harmony with the local community and the environment of Skopelos. Our practices include, but are not limited to:


  • Water Conservation
    – Replacement of bed linen only upon request.
    – Smart irrigation systems
    – Newly installed toilets with a consumption of fewer than 6 liters of water per toilet use.
    – Regular control system for leaks in taps and toilets by technical and cleaning staff.
    – The water flow of 75% of our showers does not exceed nine (9) liters per minute
    – The water flow to at least 75% of the bathroom taps does not exceed eight (8) liters per minute.
    – Newly installed dishwashers with a consumption of fewer than 3.5 liters of water per wash.
    – Processing of all wastewater according to national or local regulations.
    – Operation of the pool according to national standards for water quality, health, and safety


  • Energy Saving
    – At least 75% of light bulbs are energy-saving.
    – New room refrigerators with consumption lower than 1 kWh/day.
    – Exterior lighting is minimized or operating with a sensor for automatic switch-off.
    – Thermal insulation of hot water pipes.


  • Waste Management
    – Installation of glass and metal recycling bins in the rooms
    – Installation of recycling bins (paper, glass, metal) on the premises
    – Installation of reusable dispensers and removal of individual plastic toiletry amenities
    – Gradual replacement of disposable plastic cups with reusable ones

    – Use of biodegradable trash bags for the trash bin
    – Separation of organic and non-organic kitchen waste
    – Frying oil recycling
    – Installation of a battery recycling bin on the premises
    – Light bulb recycling at designated drop-off points of Fotokyklosi SA at Rigas Hotel Skopelos
    – Recycling of old electrical appliances (televisions, telephone devices, printers, etc.) in designated drop-off points on the island of Skopelos
    – Participation in programs of professional utensils recycling (pans and pots) by Metro A.E.B.E.
    – Utilization of coffee residues as fertilizer


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    – The hotel actively supports green projects and initiatives for the development of local social structures, including, among others, education, health, hygiene, and infrastructure.
    – The hotel offers tools and incentives for the development of local small businesses that sell sustainable products related to the local culture, nature, and history.
    – Materials/supplies that are no longer used are collected and donated to charities.


  • Green Activities
    – Information material is available to guests for areas of natural beauty and protected areas.
    – The hotel provides information on the nearest bicycle rental point.
    – The hotel provides information to visitors about the Blue Flag award-winning beaches, marinas, and boat operators in the area.


  • Hotel Administration
    – All staff areas meet the same criteria as guest areas.
    – Letterheads, brochures, and other forms produced for the hotel, have ecological certification, are produced with recyclable materials, or are produced by a company that has an environmental management system.
    – External partners who run stores and businesses and work with the hotel are informed about the hotel’s environmental initiatives, as well as the Green Key criteria, and are encouraged to manage their activities in the spirit of the Green Key criteria.
    – The hotel has taken initiatives to reduce paper use in its offices, rooms, and meeting rooms, digitalizing processes.

In our effort, we need your participation. Be a part of our philosophy for a milder environmental footprint during your stay at Rigas Hotel Skopelos:

  • Inform the hotel reception about the frequency with which you want your bed linen and towels to be replaced.
  • Do not waste the water when using the bathroom sink and take shorter showers.
  • When leaving the room, be sure to turn off the lights and appliances.
  • Recycle.


Help us protect the environment!

Thank you.