"Rigas Hotel" Questionnaire

metaxia 30 October 2019
Dear Guest,

We would like to thank you for choosing to stay at Rigas Hotel.
Our guests' satisfaction is very important to us and we constantly strive to ensure a pleasant stay experience in a comfortable and friendly environment.
Therefore, your opinion is essential in defining our goals more precisely and resolving any issues that you may have encountered during your stay. We would appreciate if you took a few minutes to fill out the following short guest questionnaire.
Thank you once again !


1. How do you feel about our performance in the following departments?
Our Company’s Hotel Reservations Department:
Hotel Reception:
Room status:
Housekeeping-Room Cleaning-Maid Service:
Restaurant & Bar:
Transportation Service:
Hotel Management:

2. As Skopelos is a relatively smaller island and further away from the mainland, “Spyrou Skopelos Experience” is taking active steps to offer ever-improving internet services for its hotels. With this in mind, we would like to know how you feel about:

Information from Front Desk about internet access:
Internet Connection/Speed:

3. Did you at any point find that you received a ´No´ as an initial response to a question you asked us?

4. Did anyone from our staff has made ​​particularly good impression of courtesy and professionalism? Please give us details.

5. What do you think we should change to improve your next stay in Rigas Hotel ?

6. How did you find out about our hotel? Please give us details.

7. Would you recommend Rigas Hotel to a friend who is travelling to Skopelos?

8. General Comments.

9.I consent to this website to collecting my details through this form *

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