"Rigas Hotel" Questionnaire

"Rigas Hotel" Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing our "Rigas Hotel” for your stay in Skopelos. Kindly note that we strive to constantly improve quality and the level of our guest services. In other words, we want our guests to be extremely satisfied! Your feedback is very helpful to us - both positive feedback and constructive criticism helps us to constantly improve and evolve. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your impressions.

1. How do you feel about our performance in the following departments?

2. As Skopelos is a relatively smaller island and further away from the mainland, “Spyrou Hotels” is taking active steps to offer ever-improving internet services for its hotels. With this in mind, we would like to know how you feel about:

3.Did you at any point find that you received a ´No´ as an initial response to a question you asked us?

4.Did anyone from our staff has made ​​particularly good impression of courtesy and professionalism? Please give us details.

5. What do you think we should change to improve your next stay in Rigas Hotel?

6. How did you find out about our hotel? Please give us details.

7. Would you recommend Rigas Hotel to a friend who is travelling to Skopelos?

8. General Comments.

9.I consent to this website to collecting my details through this form *

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