Skopelos Churches

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skopelos churches

Visit the churches & chapels of Skopelos

Worthwhile sightseeing on the island includes many churches, chapels and monasteries. The deep religious convictions of the islanders are evident in the sheer number of structures dedicated to this or the other saint. In the main town of Skopelos alone there are 123 of the total of 360 chapels that dot the island.

Churches and Chapels of Skopelos

The must see location is Ai Giannis at Kastri where the wedding in the movie "Mamma Mia" was shot if not for its Hollywood appeal to movie goers, most certainly for its extraordinarily exquisite location and view. The chapel is on the top of a tall rock formation which extends into the sea and you will need to climb all 200 hand hewn stone steps to get there. Your reward for this small effort is the unspeakably beautiful surrounding view. It has become so popular since the movie that many couples travel across the world to get married there.

It is also certainly worth having a look at the churches of Agios Athanasios which is located in the castle grounds and is a basilica on top of the ruins of the ancient temple of Athena. The basilica has frescoes dating back to the 17th century. The church of Kimiseos tis Theotokou with exceptional wood carvings carved in 1683 as well as those of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas), Evangelismou (Evangelism), Zoodochos Pigi (Life Giving Source) where the icon of the archangel Michael is housed and Panagia Faneromeni where icons of the 17th and 18th centuries are housed. Panagia Faneromeni was in fact originally a monastery which was a branch of Agios Dimitrios of the Agion Oros. The metropolitan church of Geniseos tou Christou (the Birth of Christ), with its gold leaf screen should also be visited.

Agios Dimitrios has some splendid frescoes and Agios Georgios has a mosaic floor surface of intertest as well as icons of the 16th and 17th centuries. The Archbishop Anastasios ordered the construction of Agious Apostolous (holy Apostles) at the Rock the two chapels dedicated to the Virgin, Panagia Elftherotria and Panagitsa toy Pyrgou at the northern end of the town atop a rock and which houses an interesting hand carved 17th century screen with a triple border of icons. Right next to that you will see the tiny chapel of Agios Michail Synadon with several icons and 5 Roman Sarcophagi and the 2nd century epigraph.

On the road to "Rahi" we stumble on the tiny basilica of Panagia tis Polemistras built on the site of what is possibly the ancient temple of Athena of the 6th century B.C. this is clearly evident from the ancient temple walls which surround the chapel's courtyard.

Sailing into the Bay of Panormos, we can see part of the north-western wall built in the 5th century, belonging to the ancient city that had the same name when it was build on that spot by the Chalcis. Close to "Blo" are the old walls of St. Sophia, dating from early Christian times.

Loutraki, the third ancient city of Skopelos, was built by the Chalcedeans during the 7th century B.C. and it was called Selinous. Only one section of the south-eastern walls built in the 4th and 5th centuries B.C. has been preserved until today.  The Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos can be found close by. και η Βυζαντινή εκκλησία του Αγίου Νικολάου.

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