Skopelos Museums

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folklore museum of skopelosVakratsas Mansion

A beautiful 19th Century Mansion in Skopelos Town belonging to the well-standing Vakratsas family. Step back into time and admire the antiques, furnishings, icons, and elegant apparel featuring an engagement dress with a 4,000 pleat skirt. The family donated it to the Municipality of Skopelos where it is now a museum and hosts different cultural events and functions.

Folklore Museum

The museum is located in Chora, in the district of Fragkomahalas, and is a true representation of an old "Skopelitiko" home, it also has a collection on display of traditional costumes, handmade models of old ships long gone and rich archival material in the form of documentation.

Museum of the author Paul Nirvana

This was the house he lived in at the time and it still survives today as a museum.

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