Skopelos Villages

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stafylos village and beach in skopelos islandGlossa

The second largest settlement on the island, as evidenced by archaeological findings, was inhabited by Cretans of the Mycenaean period. Glossa is built on a hill in amphitheatrical fashion and the houses are two-storey structures, a style influenced by the "Makedonitiki" (Greek-Macedonian) architecture. Glossa is surrounded by a lush pine forest, plane trees and almond trees.


It is located 18 km from the town and has 500 residents. Built in 1981, when the inhabitants left the village Klima because of strong earthquakes which had caused landslides. This village is also surrounded by pine trees and the beach of the village is superb.


This is a picturesque village to the south of the island some 8 kilometres from Chora, with a sheltered bay and taverns. It offers safe anchorage and is never affected by the "Meltemia" winds.


This is the second largest port of Skopelos which also has a substantial tourist development and a wide variety of entertainment spots


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